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Bowers Elementary School

Mrs. Lisa Qualls » Supply List

Supply List

Crayola crayons (4 boxes)
glue sticks
2 plastic 3-prong folders with 2 pockets
pencil/crayon box
2 packs of pencil top erasers
sanitizer paper towels 2 boxes of kleenex ziploc bags 2 boxes of baby wipes
$10 Room Fee

*When sending money to school with your child, it is very
helpful to put the money in an envelope or in a ziploc bag
with your child's name on it. then, place the bag in your
child's folder.
*If you could purchase additional school supplies at the
beginning of the school year when the items are sold at
an extremely low price, it would be greatly appreciated.
First Graders use these items daily. Therefore, each
student's basic school supplies such as crayons, pencils,
glue sticks, etc. need to be replaced several times
throughout the school year.