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Bowers Elementary School

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Bowers Elementary!

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends, and Families of BES, 
There are so many thoughts I want to share with you as we prepare for our 2020-2021 school year.  While I know this space can only contain a portion of them, I look forward to our future and on-going conversations centered around our mutual support for our students' safety and educational growth.  
1. You are supported.  
In this difficult time, you are faced with making a decision for your children concerning where and how learning will take place to begin the school year.  We understand that you may have very strong opinions, you may feel conflicted, or you may change your mind.  We support you.  We are available to listen, provide answers to questions, and help you navigate the process of preparing your children for the restart of school. 
2.  We have a plan.
We support the Roane County School District's options for Restarting Roane and are building an even more detailed plan that is specific for Bowers Elementary.  The administrative team, along with our faculty and staff are working diligently to create a safe and healthy environment for each child and adult who enter our building. We have published our public plan on our Facebook and website.  We will be putting out an additional Remote Learning Plan in the near future.  We will also make necessary changes to our public In-School Learning Plan as needed.  
3.  We miss your children. 
We have an incredible faculty and staff who have shared the care and concern they feel about your children with us. Assistant Principal Thompson and I cannot WAIT to meet your children.  We have heard stories from the teachers and can't help but notice the smiles on their faces as they mention how much they miss their students. Both our Remote Learners, as well as our In-School Learners will be well cared for this year.   
4.  Our "door" is open. 
At BES, we desire to welcome families, community members, and special guests who will enhance learning and positively add to the school's culture.  While an open door will look slightly different during the fall semester, I still encourage you to email and call to share positives (glows) about your children or our staff, ideas to enhance our school community (grows), or questions/concerns you have.  I am solutions-oriented and will seek to problem-solve with you.  I believe working as a team will best support your child and lead to increased success. On-going and open communication is critical for success. 
5.  We believe in Care and Academic Press. 
At BES, we will keep one eye 100% on the care your children need in order to be successful.  This care includes attention to safety, social/emotional well-being, health, and other non-academic needs that may arise. In addition, we will keep one eye 100% on academics. As professionals, we take seriously our calling to educate all students and support them in reaching their highest potential. Through evidence-based instructional strategies, on-going professional development, and continued refining of our gifts, we will work to support your child's academic growth. 
Most sincerely, 
Ms. Rittenhouse
Roane County Schools: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow